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Product Description

Teacher-English-Flashcard-Package, this educational resource assists teachers to nurture individual needs and focuses on teaching the high-frequency or sight words.

This multi-sensory program is designed to enable learners to grasp the high-frequency words using not just one of their senses but as many as possible.

It is a well-known fact that all learners have their own individual learning styles. The three main types are auditory, visual or kinaesthetic. This is one of the main strengths of this program as each lesson is brought to the learner in a multi-sensory format.

The teacher doesn’t have to create lessons for every single word but simply uses the software which is full of activities  for each word and combines visual, auditory and kinaesthetic.


This world-leading package includes word comprehension in the teaching of high-frequency words and significantly contributes to comprehension.


A parent package also exists which allows parents to continue working with their children at home; cheek by jowl with the teacher. Schools may purchase our Moodle™ installation which will enable them to give their students home access.

  • Speed up your students’ learning aptitude and engagement with this simple to use software
  • Multi-sensory lessons for every single high-frequency word
  • The first software to combine teaching sight or high-frequency words and comprehension
  • Ready made lesson plans for the teacher
  • Grammar free teaching; great for primary and preschool teaching
  • Full-color images
  • Engaging Activities

The package includes:

  1. Free copy of the Illustrated Dictionary of High-Frequency Words
  2. Free detailed instructions and ongoing support.
  3. e-learning Moodle™ installation or eflashcard software and set of words.


The library is tailored for teaching in a classroom setting and is best utilized in

  • Primary Schools
  • Business Schools teaching Basic English
  • Schools teaching English as second language
  • Teaching English at a workplace
It is highly recommended for schools to contact us prior to purchasing this product as we tailor courses to their needs.
This resource has unlimited usage but it is licensed per class/group and is not transferable.
Teacher or School training is available, please contact us for further information.