Parents – Improve your Child’s English and Lifelong Learning

Laying strong foundations to build a towering intellect

Your child is faced with a massive educational challenge. Learning to read and write one of the most subtle and complex languages in the world, English. It has been the tool of such literary greats as Shakespeare, Dickens, Twain and Austen. What gives English its great literary power can also pose an educational challenge for even the brightest child.

Many parents would settle for a decent education of their children and are looking for ways to make this happen. – If so, we can help, we are not just professionals but also parents. We decided to combine our expertise with our compassion to help children.

  • Speed up your child’s’ learning aptitude
  • Get your children interested in learning words
  • Multi-sensory lessons for every single high-frequency word
  • Teach meaning!
  • Ready made lessons; just get started…
  • Grammar free teaching;
  • Full-color images
  • Engaging Activities

The Education-Tech’s resources are great home schooling resources from dictionary to software, we can assist you in your strive to ensure the best future of your child’s education.

boy_learningFor parents who are home schooling or who simply want to help their child to get the best education. Why struggle? – Make word comprehension fun and teach English to children effectively.

You will find many resources on building a broad vocabulary or improving learning or reading but the most difficult and abstract words when it comes to learning to read and comprehend are often neglected. Yet, these are the words most parents struggle to explain to their child. How can a child know what “the” means when it is not explained to him!

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words.

Using a picture to explain what a flash is

It is much easier and effective using images to explain meanings of words.

This old adage means that a complex idea can be explained more easily using a single image. That is why so many children’s books are packed full of bright, fun pictures, perhaps illustrating an object, person or animal with the word written alongside. The purpose of these is to help the child to understand a particular word.

Your child may already have access to other illustrated books to help them with language. So, why should you use our resources? Like many children’s books, the images in our resources (Illustrated Dictionary of High Frequency Words, Learning Software for Foundation Words Stage one and two, …) have a purpose – to help the child to make sense of his language.

Even more importantly is how we teach new knowledge or language to our children, here we have put together a short course to help the parent or tutor.

But don’t just take our word for it.

Isolde O’Brien Carolan, a parent just like you, says: “This dictionary is a godsend to any parent with a child at the beginning of their schooling. With these tools the most common words in the English language are explained in a way that can be learnt easily and without confusion. Any parent can use it to help their child receive a good foundation in the English language, whether as a native speaker or as a second language. What every parent and child needs!”

We couldn’t put it better ourselves.

To give your child the helping hand they need, a good start is to buy a copy of the Illustrated Dictionary of High-Frequency or Sight Words. The world of employment and careers has changed since our school days, drastically, and one of the most important thing you can do is help them to open their own doors to life long learning; learning is a commodity of highest value.