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Foundations of Language – Comprehension skills are key to success in life long learning

Teacher-uses-Illustrated-DictionaryEducation-Tech is an organization dedicated to helping children and adults to build their foundations for Success in Education. Our results-validated instructions focus on achieving the key skills as outlined in the Primary Framework for Literacy. The learning objectives – based on Bloom’s Taxonomy – are in the areas of Knowledge, Comprehension and Application!Teachers have to work hard to create a stimulating curriculum that meets relevant targets. The resources at hand should assist students in acquiring key knowledge that they can apply; instigate collaborative learning.

Purpose of Reading
In teaching to read, we must not lose sight of its purpose, which is not self-serving but is a means to an end, being the comprehension and application of (key) knowledge. Furthermore, ability to read does not necessitate ability to comprehend or apply. word confusions

High Reading Skills don’t Equal Comprehension Skills

While a person might be able to read a manual or text fluently, he may not know what any or parts of it mean. Comprehension skills do not require reading skills; if we showed a video of how to build something to an illiterate person, there is a good chance he will be able to build it.

The Resource

Many children struggle with comprehension; one method in primary schools deployed is having illustrated stories that tell much of the story through its images. Children can guess the content. The struggle becomes evident when we remove the pictures from the stories.

Education-Tech’s learning program utilizes a unique multi-sensory-cognitive process by engaging children through combining imagery and activities to build their comprehension skills explicitly. Our resource is most definitely inclusive of all learning types which are in the main auditory, visual and kinaesthetics.

  • Mnemonic activities to reinforce word retention
  • Teaches Word Comprehension
  • Nurture collaborative learning through group play
  • Utilize the power of Images and Activities in Teaching
  • Speed Up Learning of High-Frequency, Sight Words
  • Software that: Allows for Knowledge, Comprehension, Application

Many teachers have given much time and resources to building comprehension skills but found this to show not much significant improvement in the individual learning progress. Education-Tech knows the reason for this and its software eliminates this problem fully. Now teachers can effectively improve their students’ comprehension skills.