About Us

Education-Tech is an organization dedicated to helping children and adults build their foundations for Success in English and Education. Our results-validated instructions focus on achieving the key skills as outlined in the Primary Framework for Literacy.

We focus on the teaching of the basics and building a solid foundation. Just like building a house, we start at the beginning: the foundations. Teaching and learning can be taxing on the teacher or parent and disheartening to the young mind. In most cases children flag up with learning difficulties when it is too late to take remedial actions in a class room setting. When good students have lost their drive and enthusiasm for learning it has usually gone far beyond the point of when they last did well. We know where to look and what to look for, whether a person has learning difficulties or not!

Both, teacher and student, can win with Education-Tech’s learning resources.

The founder of education-tech is author Johannes Ott. After a successful career in management consultancy and logistics he has dedicated his life to help children gain a better foundation in their learning. A child that can learn has a change; too many children seem to be able to learn but actually can only memorize data. Learning isn’t memorization, learning is look, understand and do.