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Our forte is in L & D but with particular emphasis on converting know-how into skill/performance. It is no longer good enough to know, you have to deliver.

Our mission is to change this sector.
The fastest approach is to unblock the “learner” so he can deliver; so much potential!

Critical thinking and creativity are buzzwords but who knows how to teach these skills to adults. There is only one type of thinking and that is problem solving thinking, it is always critical even in play! There is an exact reason why this becomes a rare commodity, business go mad over the lack of it. You want to know how to bring this back in, call me.

What do I offer: Course/resource/guidance reviews, nano/micro, course or training design, tailoring a particular activity, production review, low compliances, low quality due to staff training, job training investigation, training evaluations, low retention and inabilities to produce high levels of production.
A word on Ed-tech sector – it is a great tool but also amplifies what’s there. Poor students don’t win with it. Great students often don’t need it. Much improvement could be made here. If you have some, contact me, I will review it for you. I can find the problems and help with solutions. I was a failed student, I know what blocks we run into.

Dropouts, inability to use, confusions, stupidity are not genetic disabilities. They can be changed, resolved .

My motto: Reductio Ad Perfectum -meaning “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” -Antoine de Saint-Exupery – Mastery or ability is achieved not by adding data to a closed mind but by removing the blocks.

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